Powering Up the Future: Traditional Board Games and Cutting-edge Technology Forge a Joint Venture LumaXR to Transform STEM Education

Luma World x MetaEngine

22 November, 2023 — In a groundbreaking collaboration, Luma World, a world leading experience design company that focuses on Learning and Skill development through game-based innovations, has joined forces with MetaEngine, a cloud-based game development platform and innovative game studio.  Together, these industry pioneers are set to redefine the landscape of educational gaming through their strategic joint venture.

This partnership leverages Luma World's expertise in designing and publishing 28 award-winning STEM educational board games and MetaEngine’s technological prowess in gaming infrastructure and an in-house innovative game studio with deep expertise of gamification and immersive experience building.  The result is a fusion of traditional and modern gaming experiences that promise to captivate learners of all ages while fostering a deeper understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

“We’ve always wanted to explore technology in combination with play that isn’t in isolation or gimmicky but is inclusive, purposeful and personalised.  This partnership with MetaEngine allows us to retain our ethos of collaborative play with immersive technology.  It’s a match made in gaming heaven!” said Tejasvi Bongirwar Musale, Luma World’s Co-Founder, CEO.

“In Luma World we found the right partner as we continue to develop immersive experiences that signify the convergence of physical and virtual worlds.  Together, we are set to transform STEM education and will inspire children and adults globally to explore the wonders of science in innovative ways.” said Alex Shalash, MetaEngine’s Co-Founder, Co-CEO.

LumaXR promises a future where STEM education is not just a requirement but a source of inspiration giving rise to a new generation of products that seamlessly merge the tactile nature of traditional board games with the immersive capabilities of AR/VR technology.  This partnership represents a joint commitment to shaping the future of education, where learners of all ages are inspired to lead in the ever-evolving world of science and technology.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation to shape the future of STEM education.

About Luma World (www.Lumaworld.in):

Luma World is an edutainment enterprise that focuses on game-based skill development. It all began with a simple mission: To inform and inspire the next generation of responsible thinkers and innovators. We have designed and published award-winning Educational STEM Board /Card games, Activity kits, Interactive Flashcards and Real-Life Application Books that help kids balance screen time through offline academic activities. While fun is the core aspect of everything we create, we also aim to develop a plethora of relevant skills for young learners. We are a team of educators, creators, designers and gamers who've remained kids at heart. We believe play is our brain's favourite way of learning! Our passion for innovation brought us to the wonderful world of learning through play. Now, after creating over 28 published products in less than 4 years and serving over 20,000 families in 7 countries we still feel like we're just getting started!

About MetaEngine (www.MetaEngine.gg):

MetaEngine is a cloud-based game development platform with over 20 years of expertise in gaming infrastructure development and deployment. The platform enables developers worldwide to collaborate on game creation in real time, cutting development time by half. With powerful MMO networking infrastructure, games and open-world experiences can reach thousands of concurrent players in the same instance, without the need for sharding or other scalability solutions.

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