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Integrated game development Solved

MetaEngine's Integrated Development Environment is the result of 20 years of gaming infrastructure experience, creating AAA titles for more than 30 million MMO players.

Database, Rendering, Networking, Servers, Blockchain

Deliver faster

Real-time editing & built-it publishing

Go Farther

Cross-game interoperability, multi-chain & MMO infrastructure

Work Together

Decentralized metadata, online marketplace and asset store

Seriously creative
Amazingly productive

Increase efficiency and productivity. Eliminate back-and-forth communication. Replace the chaos of multiple versions with a single, cloud-based environment.

  • Co-create, develop and deploy experiences in real time to speed delivery

  • Build massive scale projects with a fully-integrated Cloud-based platform

  • Eliminate the need for server and networking infrastructure build outs

MetaEngine developers can save up to $1 million per year on infrastructure development and maintenance costs.

Push simultaneous content live on-the-fly to any running server.

  • Make real-time updates from your development server to live production

Access all the necessary development tools in one place using our decentralized platform.

  • Creators can sell art as assets, blueprints, code plugins, and audio recordings on the marketplace

Unlock your vision with access to video tutorials, how-to guides and community.

  • Core systems and test worlds are fully integrated so developers can focus on creative exploration

Keep your teams productive.

  • Modify any tools or content with with HeroScript Language (HSL). Integrate other data sources with a customer DLL (Dynamic Link Library)

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