We believe in creators

We exist to give creators the tools they need to express themselves, collaborate and go build.

Games. Metaverse. Virtual World. Whatever you call the experience, we believe these new worlds will be shaped by technology that extends a hand to creators, helping them learn, partner up, work collaboratively and build a more exciting future, together.

This is why we exist.

MetaENGINE will provide the tech, tools and integrated workflows for creators to build faster and more collaboratively than any engine on the market today. Our community will meet the core needs of creators, helping to showcase their work and create new opportunities for everyone.


Join our fully distributed team of creators living and working around the world.

Photo of Antoine Castel

Antoine Castel


Antoine is a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong background in finance & crypto as a tokenomics expert & portfolio manager. He is a serial gamer who wants cooler games, better stories and smarter game economies.

Photo of Alex Shalash

Alex Shalash


Alex brings massive experience to MetaEngine. As an accomplished tech entrepreneur, Phd physicist and MBA from London Business School, Alex’s career spans more than 25 years in software, consulting, investment banking and startups.

Photo of Romain Godard

Romain Godard

Chief Product Officer

Romain is an accomplished product & operations director, seasoned gamer and crypto-enthusiast. He is dedicated to building a better ecosystem for gamers and developers by breaking down the barriers between web2 and web3 technologies.

Photo of Matthew LaCrosse

Matthew LaCrosse

Chief Revenue Officer

Matthew brings more than a decade of experience guiding high growth startups and investors. He’s been heavily involved with web3 ventures since 2016 and is passionate about empowering the next generation of creators with ownership and community.