MetaEngine is proud to announce its Partnership with Aboat

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MetaEngine is proud to announce its Partnership with Aboat

Aboat Entertainment strives to develop blockchain-based online entertainment products to help new and upcoming content creators, as well as their communities. The core idea of the Aboat ecosystem is the linking of different platforms, games and entertainment media in a large universe. The focus is on gamification, incentives and the community, creating a new sense of togetherness between the content creator and their community. At the same time, the aim is to reduce the need for monetization and draw more attention to new and less well-known content creators.

Aboat Entertainment offers the alternative to traditional monetization, building an engagement-based rewards system that rewards content creators and the community equally. At the same time, they offer the additional opportunity for monetization and community engagement for content creators by providing a two-way reward mechanism. While the $ABOAT tokens are primarily intended for active use in the Aboat ecosystem, the $CREATOR tokens, which are provided by the content creator himself, can be used to purchase and activate various content from the content creator. A wide range of offers gives the community and content creators more opportunities to use the token, which reduces the pressure to sell the token.

Aboat Entertainment has a very experienced team of developers who can demonstrate several years of professional experience at one of the largest German IT service providers. Thanks to this experience, they guarantee a secure and high-performance infrastructure and parallelized development steps. By integrating different offers in one ecosystem, focusing on gamification and connecting everyday entertainment media with the blockchain, Aboat Entertainment believes that the Media Hub will be an important step towards mainstream acceptance. The metaverse should offer game developers the opportunity to become part of the Aboat universe, especially through open infrastructures.

MetaEngine is the one-stop solution for game developers to build games in the metaverse using its advanced tools and mechanisms. MetaEngine is the world’s only Web3 Game Engine that creates the Metaverse. We are proud to have Aboat Entertainment to accompany and support us in the journey of expansion and recognition in the Web3 world and work together towards new endeavors.

-Fabian Reichenberg, CEO of Aboat Entertainment, said:

“I think that the partnership with MetaEngine can bring real impact for both sides. While we are growing as an online entertainment company, we’ll bring more and more products. In the long run, we also aim to establish a platform for gaming where we can see use-cases to integrate MetaEngine. On the other hand, metaEngine can use the possibilities to integrate an AMA Workflow with our first product Talkaboat to publish their AMAs as Podcasts and enable their users to earn while listening to their AMAs.”

-Alex Shalash, Co-Founder of MetaEngine said:

“We are proud to have Aboat Entertainment accompany us on the journey of innovation and providence, enabling us to scale the heights of success through their consistently emerging products. Our collaboration with Aboat Entertainment paves a new path to align the future of gaming AMAs with their Podcasts, which continue to bring more value and revenue when the users will earn while listening to the AMAs. Moreover, we will be working together towards integrating both platforms for the growth of our common user community.”

About Aboat Entertainment:

Aboat Entertainment is connecting the web3/blockchain space with online entertainment products. This is to make the web3 more accessible to the mainstream while giving creators and consumers new ways of monetization in a fun and safe environment. Through the interaction between entertainment products and gamification, Aboat Entertainment wants to create a seamless transition into an online entertainment metaverse where content creators and the community can meet and interact with each other in new ways. At the same time, this will build another pillar for the sustainability of the ecosystem and cover another large area of ​​online entertainment.

Social Media Handles:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube | Talkaboat Podcast | Medium | Telegram | Android App

About MetaEngine:

MetaEngine is an all-in-one platform that incorporates a professional-grade game engine with a complete back-end server, network, blockchain integration, and a publishing platform. We provide a complete power-packed set of the most advanced features developed over the blockchain for a hassle-free experience.

Our decentralized integrated solution provides peerless advantages for an advanced experience in game development. With greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration of development tools, time-to-market can be cut in half.

Social Media Handles:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Instagram | Linkedin | Reddit | Medium | Telegram

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