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MetaEngine brings creators the tools and workflows they need to collaborate and build games and experiences people love. With MetaEngine, developers, designers and players can collaborate and build together in real-time, delivering better experiences faster. Our engine is the result of 20 years of gaming infrastructure experience, powering AAA titles for more than 30 million MMO players and integrating new WEB3 functionality. Our goal is to democratize the industry, lower barriers for all, and empower artists, creatives and brands to build amazing new experiences.


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Alex Shalash

12 years running and operating the only cloud-based game infrastructure at HeroEngine. Co-founder @UEVO (SmartCity Engine). Experienced IT consultant and fund manager, previously worked at Accenture, UBS, Julius Baer.

Antoine Castel

Former trader at Societe Generale and Lloyds Bank. Built and sold StreamQuest (streaming gamification platform), co-founder @UEVO (SmartCity engine) Experienced crypto advisor and investor.

Romain Godard
Chief Product Officer

Accomplished product strategist and operations director with a track record of successful project releases for several entertainment, education, B2B and wellness brands. Seasoned gamer and crypto-enthusiast

Kapil Dhiman
MetaStudios CEO

10+ years of experience in Business and Consultancy, well known in the Industry to deliver innovative and effective solutions for clients across sectors. Ex Web3.0 leader at PwC, 4X founder, Author, and a Sociologist

Team Images

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